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CTGA FCS - Business Coordination Service

This is a service that helps you comply with the specific requirements governing Business Coordination for the Prevention of Occupational Risks.

Through the CTGA FCS web platform, you will be able to manage and store all documentation generated with regards to the subcontracting of services, thus ensuring compliance with current legislation.

Our documentary management system is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 Standard.


  • External manager: responsible for reception, checking and digital archiving of documents
  • Management of documents concerning: The Company, Workers, Vehicles, Machinery and Specifics
  • Requesting documents from contractors and subcontractors
  • Specialised personnel backed by legal advice
  • Centralised record-keeping equipped with the appropriate security measures (LOPD level 1)
  • Website application available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • System of information in real time
  • Control of the Presence of the Prevention Officer at the Contractor’s premises
  • Internal messaging to facilitate communications
  • Storage, access and downloading of documents in electronic format
  • Encrypted communications, using a digital certificate
  • Information on the degree of compliance
  • Customised view: Contractor and Contracting Party
  • Control of expiry deadline for the different documents
  • Integration with CTGA CONTROLAMOS, our Access Control and the possibility of synchronisation with other market products
  • Help Desk


  • Protection against possible risks from subcontracting services
    • Subsidiary Liability through breach of current national and international legal regulations: payment of salaries, registration with the social security scheme, tax debts, etc
    • It facilitates vertical information for Management in real-time, allowing decisions to be taken quickly, and redressing and minimising the impact caused
    • Financial sanctions and occasionally criminal sanctions, protecting members of the Board of Directors
    • It is a tool that helps business continuity
  • Outsourcing management
    • Cost reduction: communications, physical space, reducing the use of paper
    • Personnel engaged in business coordination tasks no longer have to perform administrative tasks
    • More comprehensive control provided by our specialised personnel
    • Variable costs based on resources managed
  • Online collaboration platform between the Contractor, the Office of Documentary Management and the Contracting Party.
    • Computerisation of processes and automation of communications through Internet
    • Information updated in real time
    • Storage and access of documents in electronic format
  • Information for Business Coordination
    • Traceability of the subcontracting chain
    • Information on the status of documentation handed over by each contracting party
    • Ongoing assessment of suppliers in real-time
    • Rating of supplier in accordance with the degree of compliance
    • Direct consultation of digitalised documents
    • It facilitates decision-taking, thanks to our balanced scorecard for the departments involved, allowing them to focus on their activity
  • It makes it possible to produce a sector-wide identifying seal or official approval that substantiates compliance with all procedures and the measuring of this approval