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CTGA PRL - Management of Incidents

The best practices in Prevention of Occupational Risks involves the obligation of the business to assess the work-related risks in order to establish the safety measures required to ensure the workers’ health, thus reducing the undesirable rates of accidents at the workplace.

To this end we have developed software that manages incidents that occur at the Work Centre, which will enable you to identify those areas for possible improvement, to reduce the number of accidents and incidents through the application of preventive measures.


  • Website application available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • System of information in real time
  • Definition of shift calendars
  • Management of incidents
  • Register of provisional solutions
  • Application of preventive/corrective measures
  • Monitoring of accidents and incidents
  • Statistical analysis
  • Periodic registration of atmospheric measurements
  • Notification of sanctions to Contracting Parties


  • Swift identification of possible areas for improvement, with a direct repercussion on the accident rates
  • Planning of activities that are incompatible in the same setting, such as welding and painting
  • Support tool in compliance with the ISO and OHSAS Standards
  • Involvement of the Contracting Parties and Subcontractors in compliance with the safety regulations