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CTGA ONBOARD - Access Control Arch

A device to control access to restricted areas, targeted at preventing occupational risks and controlling work hours.


  • Headcount of personnel: incorporates a display that can be viewed from far away
  • Identifies workers through the RFID access control card (TAG)
  • Registers all inbound/outbound movements
  • Integration with ‘CTGA RECINTOS’
  • Control gateway
  • CCTV incorporated
  • Acoustic/luminous beacons programmed to display different events/alarms, i.e., access by unauthorised personnel


  • Easy installation
  • Can be relocated
  • Identification of the number of persons within the enclosure to check in the event of evacuation
  • Full information on workers inside the enclosure at any given time
  • Breakdown of hours physically spent in the controlled enclosure
  • In-house engineering
  • High-speed reading: avoids crowds and waiting times
  • Information available in real-time
  • Warning in the event of access by unauthorised personnel
  • Passage through an arch without the need to stop or display the card