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CTGA Desarrollo y Gestión Documental, S.L.U. (CTGA) is a specialised technological services company that was launched in 1996 as a company to provide ancillary services to the shipping sector. For the purpose of satisfying the needs of our customers, we have extended our range of services, which now include industrial maintenance, logistics and data processing.

CTGA has found a niche in the market of technological solutions targeted at large companies, able to compete with more prestigious companies thanks to our capacity and flexibility.

Our biggest clients include: shipyards, service, airport, transportation and port terminal companies, mainly involved in the distribution of vehicles.

To develop products and services mainly focused on the management of human resources, using our own technological infrastructures that enable us to continually adapt to an ever-changing business reality.

Our goal is to become an international benchmark in the application of new technologies in the field of human resources management. Our CTGA FCS service has been in operation for over five years, and its success represents the base for implantation of the Shipping Quality Seal, which comes into force in autumn 2011.

The experience we have acquired since our incorporation, working with large companies from the shipping sector, aeronautics, logistics operators, insurance companies and securities firms, enables us to guarantee an outstanding customer-focused service.

Capacity: a team of professionals that specialises in the different disciplines concerning out business areas.

Customer focus: We want our customers to obtain completely satisfactory results, and they therefore have our full involvement and commitment.

Solutions for the real world: we design systems that can be effortlessly integrated into the daily operations of the company.

Ongoing innovation: Our products are the result of technological innovation and the contribution of our customers, for the purpose of providing you with the utmost benefits.


CTGA Desarrollo y Gestión Documental
C/As Teixugueiras, 11
Portal 5 – Oficina 3A
36203 Vigo – España

Documentary Management
teléfono +34 902 907 360
Fax CTGA +34 986 123 300

teléfono +34 902 907 359
Fax CTGA +34 986 112 501